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Nikolskie Ryady has been nominated as "Restoration of the year"

The object of cultural heritage "Nikolskie Ryady" was nominated in the "St. Petersburg and citizens of Saint Petersburg-2018" ceremony as the "Restoration of the year".

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Gloriette's Residences has completed the sale of all apartments

VIYM is pleased to announce Gloriette's Residences' project implementation. In November 2018 the remaining five apartments in the prestigious Gloriette's Residences complex in Vienna were sold. Thus, the project of the renovation and further sale of apartments on 5th and 6th floors of Radisson Blu Park Royal Palace Hotel has been successfully completed

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Antognolla moves a step closer to reality

October marked an important milestone in the history of the Antognolla development. The news that the authorities found that the project would not be subject to the formal Environmental impact assessment (EIA) was gratefully received. This communication noted that all core design and environmental aspects were in compliance with the relevant statutory frameworks. The development moves a step closer to realisation as focus now turns to the Building permit submission that is scheduled for next month.

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Hard Rock Hotel Davos named second best "Newcomer" Hotel of the year in Switzerland

Hard Rock Hotel Davos has been awarded second best "Newcomer" Hotel of the year in Switzerland within "The 222 best hotels in Switzerland" ranking by the Connoisseur Circle - an exclusive information service for Luxury Class travellers.

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